I posted the following on a forum I belong to, and I think the point is general enough to post here as well:

I doubt that any two people on this forum have exactly the same beliefs and values, or even exactly the same beliefs and values about all of the major issues we discuss here.

For example, Christians like to paint atheists as moral subjectivists, but this isn’t quite right. Atheists disagree about whether morality is objective. In addition, the atheists on this forum who think morality is objective all have different ideas about what objective morality looks like, and the atheists who think morality is subjective on this forum all have different ideas about what subjective morality looks like (e.g., HRG’s ideas on the subject vs. Corvidal’s).

Christians aren’t a uniform group, either. No two Christians on this forum have exactly the same views. There are Catholics and Protestants, liberal Christians and evangelicals, Christians in favor of homosexual marriage and Christians opposed to it, and Christians in favor of legalizing abortion and Christians opposed to it. And there are all kinds of different specific variations within each of these camps.

The metaphysical reason for this is that people have free will – they choose how they interpret the evidence available to them, and no two people have exactly the same evidence or make exactly the same decisions. To take an example we’re all familiar with, if you post a story about a Christian terrorist blowing up an abortion clinic, one person will interpret it as an isolated incident, another will interpret it as representative of the logical implications of Christianity.

My point is that you have to learn what each individual poster thinks by talking to them. Broad generalizations about what a group believes are necessary for some purposes, but don’t rely on them too much when you’re dealing with a specific member of that ideology.


One thought on “Variation

  1. dstamps2173

    You left out another influencing factor–the self-serving nature. The self-serving nature is automatically divisive. The self-serving nature also inhabits the feeling side (feminine) of Mankind. Man has both masculine and feminine sides of their being. The masculine side is without feeling and was created to interpret the laws of the physical world, which is temporary.

    Only the feeling side can be tempted. Therefore, Eve desired the forbidden fruit. If the feeling side ignores what the masculine side knows he will do as she insists. Therefore, Adam ate the fruit also–experienced the act physically. For the feeling side to experience the “feel” of anything desired, she must do it through our masculine side who controls what the physical body can do to interact with the physical world. All of us have had the experience of doing what we know was wrong.

    Therefore, Eve was told that she would desire her husband and be subjective to him. She was also told that she would have difficulty in childbirth–give birth to a lifestyle ( or a way of experiencing the physical world. Once Eve has given birth to a self-serving lifestyle, that lifestyle can only survive by being expressed and experienced (fed) through the physical world. It has no eternal value and will always try to corrupt higher forms of lifestyles that require the unification of previously matured lifestyles that do much less. Therefore, as Eve attempts to give birth to high forms of eternal lifestyles, it will become very difficult. ALL self-serving lifestyles have no eternal value and will return to “unordered” life.

    What Adam knows about the physical world is stored in the brain; but the feeling side of who we are is the result of ordering living water (unordered life) into lifestyles with varying degrees of ability. Consider how a person learns music. Initially, they begin with the very basics. Then they begin using those basics in unity to do more and more in relation to music. If they love music, they will continue until they obtain a high level of proficiency. In the beginning all is done intellectually. Each new ability is first done intellectually. Once they are proficient, everything appears to be done without thinking. That is Eve as Adam’s helper. Who can say what changed on the feeling side to allow the masculine side to become a great musician.

    All that Eve is resides in Man’s heart on the lowest spiritual plane. All that Adam is resides in Man’s brain. When we die, only Eve will remain. Adam will return to the dust from which he came.

    To know truth, it is necessary to by-pass the self-serving nature.


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