After Religion Fizzles, We’re Stuck With Nietzsche

I enjoyed this essay. Read it through to the end if you have the patience; it starts out looking like a run-of-the-mill antireligious rant, but it turns into a plea for a more authentic Christianity that acknowledges the value of the individual.


One thought on “After Religion Fizzles, We’re Stuck With Nietzsche

  1. dstamps2173

    I prefer understanding the “why” rather than the “what is” only. Yes, when we observe the society of Man, we see most of what was mentioned in the linked article. I do not see why this should be surprising, though, when you consider the nature of most individuals–self-serving.

    Society is naturally created by individuals and all societies must have a structured order to survive. This structured order should give each person in the society a purpose determined by their gifts and abilities. Ideally, Society would consist of individuals in small groups with purposes that fit with other groups’ purposes to form larger groups until all are supporting the Society’s main purpose. At the top level of Society, there will be one or a small of group of individuals, who are most aware of the main purpose, insuring all the lower levels receive the “tools” they need to fulfill their purposes. These “tools” may be created from within or obtained from outside the Society.

    It is important to recoginize that the Society just described does not exist on this planet. All the individuals in the Society are supporting a main purpose for Society of which they are serving according to their gifts and abilities. The reality we see, though, is one where most individuals are serving themselves at all levels of society. Therefore, individuals at the highest level are not providing the “tools” the lower levels need. Instead they are bleeding the lower levels to support their desire for power, money, etc.

    In the linked article, the author felt individuals in our society were not getting their just due while those with more power and wealth viewed them as having little worth. If you placed any one of the individuals for which he was concerned in a place of leadership, though, they would most likely become just like all others having power and money because of their self-serving nature.

    Therefore, it is not the structure of society that is the main contributing problem but the self-serving nature of all the individuals forming Society. The level any one individual obtains in Society just determines the level of harm that individual can inflict on individuals in lower levels. Unfortunately, the self-serving nature desires power while the group serving nature primarily desires serving a purpose benefiting many. Since the self-serving nature desires power more that service, such individuals tend to move into power positions more than the latter.

    And we see the results! Until Man admits that the true enemy lives within each individual, that enemy is unlikely to be overcome.

    The problem just described exist in all of Society’s groups or organizations–even Churches.


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